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Make Mine Chocolate Campaign – My House Bunny

Make Mine Chocolate

The Columbus House Rabbit Society launched the Make Mine Chocolate Campaign in 2002 to bring attention to the concerning trend of buying rabbits for Easter and then discarding them. A large number of these rabbits end up in shelters before being killed or abandoned in the wild. The main objective of the campaign is to dissuade people from buying live bunnies as Easter gifts. They achieve this by educating them about the dangers and special requirements that rabbits have. Alternatively, they recommend selecting gifts of other kinds, including stuffed animals, chocolate bunnies, or literary allegories. Another way supporters might demonstrate their unity is by donning a ceramic bunny pin.

make mine chocolate

In response to the persistent issue of individuals overwhelming shelters and rescues with unwanted rabbits or abandoning them outside to perish after Easter, they launched the project The Make Mine Chocolate.Visit Make Mine Chocolate’s website to find out more about the company and how you can get involved.

History of Make Mine Chocolate! Campaign

Easter bunny adoptions have unfortunately increased as a result of the custom of gifting live bunnies to guests.

In response, the Columbus House Bunny Society started the Make Mine Chocolate Campaign in 2002. The public was meant to learn about ethically sound rabbit ownership with this promotion. The Chocolate Bunny pin, which serves as the symbol of this global campaign, highlights the benefits of selling chocolate rabbits as Easter presents as opposed to live ones. Global partners such as Make Mine Chocolate! The U.K. helped spread the campaign’s message. The campaign educates people about the special requirements of pet bunnies and persuades them to pick chocolate over live rabbits through educational events and lobbying work.

To sum up, this Campaign, started in 2002 by the Columbus House Rabbit Society, spreads knowledge about the humane treatment of rabbits throughout the Easter season. It attempts to lower the number of abandoned and euthanized rabbits after the holidays by promoting responsible ownership and alternative gifts. This campaign is a major global player in promoting bunny welfare through partnerships and education. Thanks for visiting Animpedia.

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