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Why Do Cats Eat Grass? 5 Surprising Reasons Revealed!

Animpedia. Why Do Cats Eat Grass?

Cats are ‘obligate carnivores’, meaning they have to eat meat, and do not need plant-based foods for their survival. But you may have noticed your pet eating long blades of grass outside, if you are a cat owner. So, in this article we will uncover the answer to the common question” Why Do Cats Eat Grass”? And could it be beneficial to cats’ health or not?

Why do cats eat grass? 5 Reasons

1. Grass is a natural digestive booster for cats:

Animpedia. Why Do Cats Eat Grass?

One idea is that cats use the grass as a natural digestive booster. Cats have now enzyme for digesting grass, and so the individual blades either pass through their system whole, or are regrown. But the great benefit of eating grass is that it can help ease stomach discomfort and allow your cat to clear any undigestible materials (such as their own hair, or the fur, feathers and bones of their prey) from their system.

After eating grass illness in cats is quite common- according to a study that more a quarter of cats do this. Cat eating grass and vomiting is usually not a cause for concern, take your cat to vet as soon as possible if your cat is often sick (more than once a week) or you notice blood or mucus in his vomit, or foam coming out of his mouth.

Animal nutritionists and behaviorists have several theories to point out the reasons why do cats eat grass but they have no exact reasons why do cats eat grass.

2. Grass is a source of nutrition for cats:

Animpedia. Why Do Cats Eat Grass?


According to some experts, cats eat grass as an alternative to fulfill their nutritional needs because our pet cats cannot get the same nutrients in their processed cat food. Basically, grass juice is full of most valuable nutrients such as folic acid, traces of vitamins A and D and niacin. Among these, folic acid is most important because it is beneficial for immune and digestive health.

3. Grass helps in expelling internal parasites:

Some Scientists have discovered that the ancient ancestors of many meat-eating mammals, including cats and primates, ate grass to help clear worms and other parasites from their digestive tracts. Grass, being high in insoluble fiber, stimulates muscle activity along the digestive tract, helping them expel parasites in their stool.

This gives the explanation why cats are more likely to eat grass because their immune systems are immature and they are more prone to parasites. So, a domestic cat eating grass may show instinctive behavior that is reminiscent of their wild ancestors. But this does not mean that habit is a substitute for the worm. Even if your cat loves to eat greenery, make sure he also has regular, veterinarian-approved deworming treatments.

4. Grass is a source of enjoyment for cats:

Animpedia. cat enjoyment

You will notice that your cat is really enjoying when she is eating grass. According to some scientists, eating grass may produce a response similar to the dopamine hit in the cat’s brain that pandas get from bamboo. But according to some peoples, chewing may help calm them, like human’s chew gum, or reduce anxiety.

5. Grass acts as a natural laxative for cats:

Cat owners often think why do cats eat grass? One of the biggest benefits of eating grass it contains fiber that cannot be naturally digested by the enzymes present in a cat’s stomach. As a result, cat grass, in addition to inducing vomiting and being helpful in eliminating undigested food particles and hairballs from the digestive tract, which act as natural laxatives for cats.


Animpedia. Why Do Cats Eat Grass?

In conclusion, Although the exact reasons why do cats eat grass are not fully understood but eating grass is beneficial for cats because it acts as a natural digestive booster, it is a source of enjoyment for cats and also an important source of nutrients for cats. I hope you have found the answer of very common question” Why Do Cats Eat Grass?” after reading this article…

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