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4 Fastest Horse Breeds in the World

4 fastest horse in the world.Animpedia

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Horses have been a part of human culture for centuries. From their days of use in battle to their current role as recreational mounts, horses have always played an important role in society. But if you want to race them and start looking into horse trailer loans or partake in horse racing bets, what breed should you choose? There are many different breeds out there with varying strengths and weaknesses. Let’s explore 4 Fastest Horse Breeds in the World.

4 Fastest Horse Breeds.Animpedia

The breeds that compete in races today usually belong to one of the following four categories: Thoroughbred, Standardbred, Quarter Horse and Arabian. These four breeds are some of the fastest in the world!


Thoroughbred racing is a type of horse racing for thoroughbred horses. It is the most popular form of horseracing in France, Italy and to a lesser degree the United States. The Jockey Club in London governs Thoroughbred racing in England. In Canada, Horse Racing Quebec, operating under the auspices of the Quebec Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, governs Thoroughbred racing. The first racehorse, an Abaco Barb named Eclipse, was foaled in 1764. American Founding Fathers, including Washington and Jefferson, originally imported Thoroughbreds from England.The breeding of Thoroughbreds firmly established itself in the United States when breeders mated native mares with the best stallions imported from England to produce racehorses.


The American Trotting Association (ATA) recognizes Standardbreds as one of the breeds for harness racing.. The breed is distinctive in how they produce fast speeds exclusively through trotting, hence the name “Standardbred”. They are not normally able to pace or perform well under the saddle. The best current stud books in North America are maintained by the U.S. Trotting Association, which has its headquarters in Columbus, Ohio; and by the Canadian Trotting Association in Woodbine, Ontario, Canada.

Quarter Horse

Quarter Horses are a type of horse that can run fast for short distances, typically at a speed of 25-35 miles per hour. Colonists originally bred them in America to imitate the running style of a wild mustang. They initially named them Narragansetts and developed them in the 18th century by breeding Spanish horses brought over by colonists with their local stock. Quarter Horse racing traces its roots back to 1921 in Dallas, Texas, where it was contested over distances of 440 yards (402 meters). The National Thoroughbred Racing Association also sanctions Quarter Horse racing, leading to the inclusion of graded stakes races. The Standardbred is a horse that specializes in harness racing and they produce fast speeds exclusively through trotting.


Arabian horses are one of the oldest breeds of horses. They are an Arabian sub-type, with their origins in the Arabian Peninsula.Now, they distribute themselves all around the world, mostly to European countries and America, but they still maintain feral populations in Africa. People seek Arabian horses for their purity of bloodline, ease of training, and high spirit. They also use Arabian horses extensively in racing today. Europeans originally brought Arabian horses into Europe by capturing them in war, later they popularized them at European courts.

Horses have always had an important role in society. But if you want to race them, what breed should you choose? There are many different breeds out there with varying strengths and weaknesses, and hopefully, now you can understand the main 4 types of breeds.

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