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Top 5 Smallest Parrots That Will Surprise You

Top 5 Smallest Parrots That Will Surprise You

Introduction :

Parrots are the most beautiful and attractive birds that are mostly kept as pets. They provide affection and companionship to people worldwide. These are beloved even for those people who don’t like pet birds. Infact they have all those qualities that everybody wants in their pets.In this guide you will discover Top 5 Smallest Parrots That Will Surprise You .

However there are variety of parrots from large to small ones. Some people like small parrots and some large.  In this article, all parrots are small pet parrots.

Top 5 Smallest Parrots :

1) Pygmy parrot :

These are the small parrots that have unique appearance. They have pink head and gray black wings. When they are adults, there colors are bright while they are duller when younger. There habit places near water and always remain in crowd form. There feeding habitats are lichens and fungi. They range in size from 8-19 centimeter.

2) Bourke’s parrot :

These are Australian parrots that are the cutest of all. It has clear area around their eyes that looks like wearing glasses. Their body is pink in color from bellow and grey brown from upper body. When they vibrate their wings , a very slight sound we can hear. A clear difference is present between male and female that is blue band present on the head of males. They range in size from 18-23cm. There nest are present slightly above the ground.

3) Galah :

These small parrots are special just because of unique grey-pink color contrast. There one of the most beautiful breeds is galah cockatoos , however also have many more attractive species. Like Bourke’s , these small parrots are also native of Australia. These small cute parrots have an average life of about 40 years and a very small weight of about 300 grams.There unique body color make them favorite of most of people.

4) Yellow Napped Amazon :

This parrots is the breed of Amazon parrots that are most charming parrots in the world. This amazon parrot is so named because it has crown of yellow color. It has a unique ability of talking that is makes it special parrot. So these can be good pet parrots as they easily get close to humans. Moreover they have more life time than galah , there life period is about 80 years.

5) Lovebirds :

These are also small parrots that are famous just because of colorful feathers. There are many breeds of lovebirds that can be good pet parrots because they can be easily trained. One thing that make them more attractive is that they always remain in pairs and this might be reason of their name “lovebirds”. But it is a fact that if lovebird is single, it will attach more easily with humans. They have an average life of about 15-25 years.

Conclusion :

There are a lot of small parrots that can be good pet birds . Now it depends upon you which type of quality you wants in your pet parrot. Some parrots are famous because of their color contrast, some because of talking quality and some for their beauty. Best small pet parrot that you can easily adopt is having the quality of talking. So its your own choice which quality you wants.


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