Top 5 Dogs That Have Surprisingly Long Life

Introduction :

Smallest dogs breeds have long life than larger breeds. Longest life span of small dog breeds is about 16 years or can be more. However, large breeds of dogs have small life period of about 13 years or more. But in this small lifetime, dogs brings a lot of memories and happiness. In this guide we will explore Top 5 Dogs That Have Surprisingly Long Life.

Lifetime of dogs can be increased by their good care, proper diet and vaccines . This can help them to live about 25 to 30 years and they live with us for long time.

Dog Breeds Having Long Life :

If you are looking for long life breeds of dogs, you can check these five dogs species :-

1) Lhasa Apso :

This smallest dog breed looks beautiful because of its long silky hair. Lhasa Apso is a small size dog with shrill bark. They can be easily trained and used as guard dogs. Their life period is too much long about 20 years. This can be a best pet dog as it has long lifespan.

2) Toy Poodle :

Smallest dog, Toy Poodle is always a favorite for everyone. This is just due to their small size and beautiful appearance. Their size is very small, mostly 10 pounds or less. Because of this small size they live long life. Their lifespan is about 16 years or small. They are very smart dogs that make them beloved.

Top 5 Dogs That Have Surprisingly Long Life

3) Maltese :

Another small breed of dog is Maltese. This small dog is healthy dogs with respect to other breeds. They require proper attention, otherwise become depressed. So, you have to pay proper heed to their training. Their lifespan is mostly 15 years. Moreover, they can adopt dental problems.

4) Pomeranian :

These dogs loyal to humans but sometimes becomes arrogant. Because of their loyal nature, these are used as small body guards. Only a little training convert them into a good pet dogs. They can adopt some diseases like heart problems, tracheal infections and dental problems. They have an average life period between 14 to 16 years.

5) Australian Shepherd :

This breed is very loyal to man for a large period. They can be good hound dogs but now become good shepherdess. Their fame is because of their power. They fulfill task given to them with full spirit. In earlier time, their specie Bluey lived for 30 years. But now their lifetime is only 18 years.

Conclusion :

In this guide, you can find out smallest dog breeds that have a long lifespan. Lager the dog breed, smaller the span. So if you want to adopt a dog having long life period, you must search  small dogs. There are some species of small dogs that live for a small period of time because of certain health issues. Veterinarians can help you to choose best dog breeds having long life span.


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