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164 Mystical Cat Names from Astrology and Mythology

Animpedia. Cat Names

Choosing a cat name can be a breeze for some, while others may spend days pondering the perfect fit for their new feline friend. For those who enjoy stargazing or delving into tales of gods and goddesses, this compilation could offer ideal inspiration. In this article we will try discover cat Names from Astrology and Mythology.

Cat names derived from Greek mythology:

Exploring Greek mythology reveals a plethora of captivating names associated with gods, goddesses, monsters, and heroes. Here are some standout options:

  • Aphrodite: Symbolizing love
  • Artemis: Known as the huntress
  • Athena: Representing war and wisdom
  • Calliope: Patroness of poetry and music
  •  Circe: Associated with magic
  •  Demeter: Goddess of the harvest
  •  Eos: Personifying the dawn
  •  Hecate: Mistress of magic and spells
  •  Hera: Goddess of marriage and childbirth
  •  Hestia: Guardian of the home and hearth
  •  Ares: God of war
  •  Nike: Signifying victory
  •  Nyx: Goddess of the night
  •  Persephone: Queen of the underworld
  •  Selene: Goddess of the moon
  •  Apollo: God of prophecy, music, and healing
  •  Dionysus: Known for wine and revelry
  • Hades: Ruler of the underworld
  • Helios: God of the sun
  •  Hephaestus: Master craftsman of the gods
  •  Hermes: Messenger of the gods
  •  Poseidon: God of the sea
  •  Zeus: King of the gods

Names derived from Irish, Welsh, and Norse mythology:

Turning to Irish, Welsh, and Norse mythology offers a diverse array of names for consideration:

  • Aengus: God of love and youth
  • Aoife: Warrior princess
  • Balor: Leader of the Fomorians
  • Brigid: Goddess of spring and fertility
  • Cernunnos: Lord of the forest and animals
  • Dagda: All-father figure in Irish mythology
  • Lugh: Master of many skills
  • Morrigan: Goddess of war and fate
  • Niamh: Queen of the fairies
  • Odin: All-father and chief of the gods
  • Thor: God of thunder and strength

Cat names derived from Egyptian mythology:

Animpedia. Cat Names

Egyptian mythology boasts a rich tapestry of deities, each with unique roles in guiding human life. Here are some noteworthy names:

  • Amentet: Guardian of the realm of the dead
  • Anuket: Patroness of the Nile River
  • Bastet: Protector and bringer of joy
  • Hathor: Goddess of love and beauty
  • Heqet: Associated with childbirth and fertility
  • Isis: Revered for magic and healing
  • Maat: Symbol of truth and justice
  • Nefertum: God of the lotus blossom
  • Osiris: God of fertility and agriculture
  • Ra: Sun god and creator
  • Set: God of chaos and storms
  • Thoth: God of wisdom and writing

Movie-inspired names:

Animpedia. Cat Names

Movies set in space also provide ample inspiration for cat names:

  •  Vader: Iconic figure from “Star Wars”
  • Jedi: Guardians of peace and justice
  • Yoda: Wise Jedi master
  • Spock: Logical and stoic character from “Star Trek”
  • Kirk: Captain of the starship Enterprise
  • Leia: Princess and rebel leader in “Star Wars”
  • Worf: Klingon warrior from “Star Trek”

Cat names from Constellations:

Constellations offer a celestial touch to naming your cat:

  • Draco: The dragon constellation
  • Orion: Hunter of Greek mythology
  • Cygnus: The swan constellation
  • Leo: Symbol of strength and courage
  • Scorpio: Representing the scorpion
  • Aquarius: The water bearer
  • Pisces: The fish constellation

Space-inspired names:

For those fascinated by space, consider these cosmic-inspired names:

  •  Astro: Reflecting a love for astronomy
  • Comet: Representing celestial bodies
  • Nova: Signifying a new star
  • Luna: Latin for moon
  • Celeste: Evoking the heavens
  • Aurora: Inspired by the Northern Lights
  • Cosmos: Embracing the universe
  • Orion: Named after the famed constellation


In conclusion, whether drawn to mythology, movies, or the cosmos, there’s a wealth of inspiration for naming your beloved cat. May your chosen name be as cherished as your furry companion itself.

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